Tuesday, March 3, 2009

03 March 2009 SPECIAL GUEST Anthony S. Picco

Venus Retrograde, 06 March - 17 April

We extend our ultimate appreciation and THANK Anthony who joined us today and lent his valuable contribution to the intriguing topic of Venus Retrograde! We had much planetary fun diving into the need to know facts about how to make the most out of this upcoming transit. As with all Retrograde passages, the time for reflection and all of those RE's absolutely apply.

What are the benefits you can reap in the weeks ahead?
Some handy tips...

Spend time re-evaluating WORTH in your life. Especially within relationships, your possessions, and financial undertakings.

Expect old contacts, friends, and lovers to re-emerge. Don't be surprised if active relationships reveal hidden desires...these are at an all time high to let themselves be heard.

Explore the possibilities of those bargains, recycled items, antiques, wherever the feeling of "retro" can take you!

Take an art adventure- Venus loves reflecting at this time upon all things beautiful.

BE CHARITABLE! see a perfect outlet for below*** =)

Take action or initiate for the long-term. Even though you might want to officiate a "break-up," or begin something new, allow the whole retrograde period to pass until making a permanent decision.

Move money around. REflect in this area, but take no action to make improvements or a seemingly more beneficial undertaking.

Buy any luxury purchases. Take time rather to look around to what you already have. How much do you value and appreciate the things life has already given you?

REMEMBER: Check your personal 29 degree Pisces to 15 degrees Aries piece of your Zodiac Pie! This is the area of life to apply those RE's the most!

Of course Anthony and I couldn't leave out the affects of Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and all of the Universe's procession...the podcast download of the show is to come!

***Speaking of Perfect Charitable Causes....
By all planetary measures there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to be charitable to the ARTS, to keep the magic of WBCR-LP alive and well on the radio and web waves! Visit our website @ www.berkshireradio.org to learn more and BE SURE to listen in 14th- 22nd March!

We WHOLEHEARTEDLY THANK ANTHONY PICCO again for joining us today- Such a TREAT to have shared his insight! Again if you have any follow-up questions for him you can reach Anthony @ aspicco@gmail.com.

Did you know the very world planet is the greek word for “wanderer?” The ancients were definitely on to something when they noticed the wandering of planets in the night sky so many eons ago.

Another interesting ancient understanding about planets or "stars" is that they do not compel, but ideally incline- therefore it’s not about prediction but assessing the possibilities for the future. Planets don’t tell the future, they kindly suggest the energies one could expect to be dealing with. Always it is our FREE WILL- while we naturally know
everything in life has duality, it all boils down to the choices we make, which ideally should be in accordance with knowledge of our "personal planetary channels" for the best results.

03 March marks a 13 degree Pisces Sun, with the majority of our planet's energies still transiting through in Aquarius. Saturn and Uranus still oppose one another in Virgo and Pisces, which continues to straighten out the false beliefs and illusions structures have been formulated on. Keep in mind Waxing Moon Phases are times of initiation, Waning Moon's are for reflection.

A very wise Pisces Sun once said:
“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” -Alexander Graham Bell

An expansive and ever-questing Pisces 3 born 1847 to a responsible and learning through experience Lifepath of the 26/8, Alexander Graham Bell brought us far more in life than just the telephone. Not only was Bell an inventor- but equally explored the musical, poetic, and artistic realms. His Pisces 3 energy never stopped in the urge and yearning to learn, absorb and undoubtedly discover.

We thank Karen, a Taurus 3 listener from North Carolina, for calling in! Looking forward to taking your calls earlier on in the next show 17 March!

Set your clocks AHEAD 08 March for Daylight Savings!
And....17 days to SPRING and counting!

WELCOMING YOUR comments below!

And OUR THANKS to YOU for listening =)

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